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Welcome to Apartmani Srbija
Apartmani Srbija are unique and modern apartments located in downtown Belgrade, in the street Kneza Milosa 54 / II. The former Belgrade villa from the beginning of the 20th century and modern interior make Apartmani Srbija a unique accommodation which best describes the spirit of the capital!


Our apartments, furnished to the highest standards, will enable you to enjoy in Belgrade in your own unique way!


Whether you are coming for a vacation, a few days, business or for a longer period of time, Apartmani Srbija will provide you with a perfect stay!


Apartmani Srbija are ideal for families, groups and individuals.


Apartmani Srbija offer a sense of relaxation and flexibility as if you are at home, while at the same time you can enjoy all the amenities offered by the hotel: possibility of transportation services, cleaning services, laundry and ironing services.


For remembering stay,
Your Apartmani Srbija.